Posted on: December 25, 2008 8:29 pm

Yankees 2009 - Bold Predictions by Stick

My first blog.  Pretty cool. 

I'm a huge Yankees fan.  I went to 7 home games last year and I try to watch at least 100 games on TV every year.  I'm from Ontario, Canada but I live in NJ now and I used to root for the Expos but now the Yankees are my team.

My 2 favorite MLB players are AJ Burnett and Scott Kazmir.  Needless to say, I'm really excited that AJ is a Yankee now.  The CC signing is nice but like they say, "Fat guys fall fast."  However, "There's nothing wrong with one hefty lefty in your rotation."  Chicken Wing (Wang) should be ready to go by opening day...JOBA rules...all that leaves is the last spot for Hughes, Kennedy, or maybe Coke to get completely bombed once every 5 days.  Not too bad...it'd be even better if they could resign Pettitte to only get slightly bombed once a week but I don't think it matter much.

The offense is strong to quite strong.  Damon still has some wheels, Jeter should hit .330 or so this year, Big Tex will start off slow but if he can endure the harsh criticism early on (not like A-Rod in ’04) then he should be fine, since coming to the Yankees A-Rod only plays well in odd-numbered years so 2009 should be another MVP type season for him, Matsui will return to form and be a good #5 hitter, Posada will play just well enough not to get benched, Cano should bounce back to being a .300 hitter, Nady will have a steady but not too exciting year in RF (aka a Paul O’Neil type of year), and Melky and Brett will take turns stinking up the bottom of the lineup all year unless the Yankees trade for Cameron or bring back Bernie!

Bullpen?  I think it all depends on Mariano.  Or does it?  Marte has some experiencing closing games and I still have a lot of faith in Bruney and Edwar Ramirez in the late innings.  I think Coke will be a nice setup guy when (not if) Mariano breaks down this year.  I’m just afraid that the Yankees will send Joba back to the bullpen and try to coast by with Hughes and Kennedy in the rotation.  I can almost deal with Hughes in the rotation because, even though his fastball stinks, his curveball can keep the other team under 7 runs most nights.  Kennedy has no skills and will kill the Yankees if allowed. 

My bold predictions =

  1. Yankees will win 100 games (even) this year.
  2. Mariano will not finish the season and his career ends due to injury.
  3. A-Rod wins the MVP.
  4. AJ Burnett wins the Cy Young.
  5. Brett Gardner spends most of the season in the Minors.
  6. Nick Swisher finishes the season with a .190 batting average and plays sparingly.
  7. Bernie Williams will be back in pinstripes this year.
  8. The pitching rotation will look like this – Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Joba, and Hughes.
  9. The bullpen will look like this – Mariano (CL), Marte (Setup), Ramirez, Coke, Bruney, and Aceves and Kennedy will be the long relievers.
  10. The batting order will look like this – Damon, Jeter, Big Tex, A-Rod, Matsui, Posada, Cano, Nady, and Melky.  The bench bats will be Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, Jose Molina, and Bernie Williams.
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